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 No, you must not. The ice lump can damage the multilayer tube from the inside.

Yes they can, for example as soil pipes. In that case we advise to combine the Henco Standard multilayer pipe with PVDF press fittings. For safety reasons it is best to protect the pipe against frost, UV radiation and external impact. This with a PVC protection pipe for example. The inspection certificates on the Henco products are only applicable for indoor installations.

Legally, Henco pipes and fittings may NOT be used for medical applications.

Nee dat is niet mogelijk omdat de aluminium binnenkern volledig geïsoleerd in de buis ligt.

This is permitted at a maximum pressure of 10 bar and ambient temperatures of -10 to +40 °C.

Follow the guidelines prescribed by the manufacturer of each specific machine. An instruction booklet is always supplied with pressing machines or can be consulted on the manufacturer's website.

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The correct concentrations and temperatures for the use of Hadex, Herlisil, and citric acid with Henco pipes can be found in our technical manual.

The maximum permitted operating pressure for our compression and screw fittings is 10 bar.

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