Onze waarden

Our values

At Henco we like to win. We like to win with people, and we are proud of it. For instance, we are very enterprising, we like to take responsibility and pursue excellence. We learn by sharing and share by learning. Acting with integrity is in our DNA. In addition, within the company, Henco likes to focus on a safe and healthy work environment where business integrity is self-evident.

Waarden Henco
  • Be an entrepreneur
    • We explore and make dreams happen. We adapt, innovate and focus on our customers’ requirements. We do more than we promise.
  • Take ownership
    • We keep our word and fulfil our commitments. We are proactive, accountable and empowered.
  • Go for excellence
    • We are passionate, self-critical and persistent in everything we do. We challenge the status quo, push boundaries and think outside the box. And we deliver results.
  • Share and learn
    • We learn from each other by being professional and open-minded. We get better every day. We are not afraid of failure because we learn from our mistakes.
  • Act with integrity
    • We lead by example, act transparently and speak up. We are professional at all times, in everything we do.

Our mission & vision


Making connections is important to us. It goes beyond making actual connections or fittings. We make connections between people and buildings and ensure that our connection will continue to work.

Installers are central to our mission. We want to be their partner for value creation. To do so, we collaborate with leading wholesalers and property developers. We continue to play a vital role in efficient heating, cooling, water & gas distribution. We want to make our solutions grow through our teams, consisting of cross-functional thinkers and full-fledged daredevils.

Onze visie bij Henco
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In the future we want to make even more connections. To build even better bridges between people and buildings, and to continue delivery high-quality sustainable products.

With Henco we want to be a leading developer of innovative solutions, which contribute to fundamental improvements in the construction process and in the exploitation of real estate.

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